An Exploration of Consciousness
A Monroe Institute Online Course
November 26 - December 18, 2022
Enrollment fee: $349.00

Beyond Meditation is designed to take you beyond the experience of traditional meditation. Using Monroe Audio Support™ technology, the groundbreaking audio technology developed by Robert A. Monroe, you will quickly and easily experience expanded states of conscious. When in these states you will be guided to explore, to understand, and to remember what you perceive.

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New!! Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to Change Your Life
A Hemi-Sync® Online Workshop
November 19 - December 11, 2022
Enrollment Fee: $349.00

This three-week course with Jonathan Hammond includes 12 downloadable guided Hemi-Sync® audio meditations and exercises.

To learn to think like a shaman is to attune yourself to a magical spectrum of infinite possibilities, unseen truths, alternative realities, and spiritual support. This course teaches you how to align and transform your own mind into one that sees the world through the lens of the indigenous healers of old.

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Finding Stillness and Ease in a World Gone Mad
A Hemi-Sync® Online Workshop
November 5 - December 18, 2022
Enrollment fee: $195.00

This six-week course with Paul Rademacher, former Monroe Institute Executive Director, includes 15 downloadable guided Hemi-Sync® audio meditations and exercises.

Those who are drawn to the inner life often feel an unbearable tension between attending to material needs and exploration of the numinous. There is a way beyond this impasse. That way begins in the Heart - with a journey to revolutionary insights into the hidden natures of Time, Money, Dreaming, and Enlightenment.

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The Art and Science of Remote Viewing and Non-Local Consciousness
Next workshop dates: February 4 - 26, 2023
Enrollment fee: $349.00

This three-week online workshop will take you through practical steps in learning the protocols of Remote Viewing, as well as learning to harness the power of meditation, dream crafting, and therapeutic intention.

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Institute for Dream Studies
Orientation begins September 23, 2022

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) provides educational and training opportunities in dreams, dreamwork and dream group leadership through lectures, workshops, and the Dream Certification Program.