The Journey to Quantum Enlightenment
A Hemi-Sync® Online Workshop
February 20 - March 21, 2021
Enrollment fee: $325.00

Quantum Physics is helping us discover that all things are truly connected in fundamental ways. Understanding this connectedness can have a profound effect on our lives and how we relate to the world and to each other.

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Tibetan Yogas of Breath and Movement
Now includes a live 90-minute online group conference with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche!
February 6 - 28, 2021
Enrollment fee: $295.00

These practices have been used for thousands of years to open and awaken the energy centers and channels of the subtle energy body. They can enhance your physical fitness, mental well-being, and spiritual growth. By clearing uncomfortable emotions and other obscurations, they can open the space from which joy, love, compassion, and other enlightened qualities spontaneously manifest.

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Finding Meaning and Guidance in Your Dreams
February 13 - March 7, 2021
Enrollment fee: $195.00

In this experiential DreamSynergy™ workshop, Justina Lasley guides you through practical exercises for understanding the meaning of your dreams so that you develop skills for becoming your own dream counselor. She shares with you how dreams have positively impacted her life in areas of health, relationships, and career. Justina will introduce you to practices that you can make a part of your life so your dreams become a nightly resource for living a more purposeful, successful and healthier existence.

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Gateway to the Inner Self
February 19 - March 19, 2021 (Hosted by IONS)
Enrollment fee: $295.00

In this workshop, you will learn how experienced lucid dreamers use this state to access personal creativity, inner knowledge and spiritual wisdom. You will see how others have used lucid dreaming to overcome emotional blocks, direct healing intent to physical ailments, and explore the Self.

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Thirteen Practical Steps to Success in Any Endeavor
A Hemi-Sync® Online Workshop
January 30 - February 21, 2021
Enrollment Fee: $325.00

Perhaps more timely than ever, the #1 book on personal development ever written was born in the aftermath of the  infamous 1918 global pandemic and the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the great depression. It was a time when we needed to be reminded that "One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."

This online course is based on Napoleon Hill’s classic work, Think and Grow Rich,  the #1 best-selling book on personal development ever written. Think and Grow Rich is a practical guide and a blueprint for success of all kinds, including financial, professional, personal, physical, and spiritual.

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Institute for Dream Studies
In progress

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) provides educational and training opportunities in dreams, dreamwork and dream group leadership through lectures, workshops, and the Dream Certification Program.