Gateway to the Inner Self
June 25 - July 24, 2022
Enrollment fee: $329.00

In this workshop, you will learn how experienced lucid dreamers use this state to access personal creativity, inner knowledge and spiritual wisdom. You will see how others have used lucid dreaming to overcome emotional blocks, direct healing intent to physical ailments, and explore the Inner Self.

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Thirteen Practical Steps to Success in Any Endeavor
A Hemi-Sync® Online Workshop

June 18 - July 10, 2022
Enrollment Fee: $195.00

Perhaps more timely than ever, the #1 book on personal development ever written was born in the aftermath of the  infamous 1918 global pandemic and the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the great depression. It was a time when we needed to be reminded that "One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."

This online course is based on Napoleon Hill’s classic work, Think and Grow Rich,  the #1 best-selling book on personal development ever written. Think and Grow Rich is a practical guide and a blueprint for success of all kinds, including financial, professional, personal, physical, and spiritual.

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Discover the Best of Who You Are and Can Be
June 11 - 26, 2022
Enrollment fee: $295.00

The primary journey of every spiritual path is to reclaim what has been lost: the truth of who we really are. Once we come to a deep recognition that our true nature is spontaneous perfection, there is no more need to search for insights or solutions, no more need to strive. According to the dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Bon and Buddhism, this simple recognition is the way to ultimate liberation, to our own Great Perfection.

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Institute for Dream Studies
2021-22 Program is in progress now.

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) provides educational and training opportunities in dreams, dreamwork and dream group leadership through lectures, workshops, and the Dream Certification Program.