Workshops starting this week

A practical and experiential online course for awakening your intuitive abilities
A Monroe Institute Online Course
February 27 - March 14, 2021
Enrollment fee: $279.00

Monroe Institute Residential Trainer Patty Ray Avalon guides you through a step-by-step process to learn how to readily access and use intuition with greater clarity and confidence in your everyday life. You will learn about the nature of intuition, how to understand the unique language in which it communicates with you, and how to access inner guidance and information with your intuitive skills. You may be surprised at how natural your ability is already, and how much more powerful it will be after completing the course.

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The Energy Body and the Out-of-Body Experience
March 6 - April 11, 2021
Enrollment fee: $325.00

Develop your subtle energy body, and expand your awareness of the greater reality that surrounds us all. A five-week intensive with personal guidance and support provided by Robert Bruce. Includes a downloadable copy of the Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body CD Series.

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